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Filipino Tech Authority is one of the leading technology blogs on the Philippine’s web. Filipino Tech Authorityl is an all rounder in the tech field and also one place for all tech solutions. We work hard to serve you first and to satisfy your hunger of Technology. Here you will be updated with the latest tech related tech/hacker news, hacking tutorials related to various security tips from latest vulnerabilities and lots more.

Our Current Statistics – Latest Update On 01-06-2018

  • Daily Unique Visitor:- 6k+
  • Monthly Unique Visitor:- 400k+
  • Users: New Visitor 75% and Returning Visitor 25%
  • Traffic Sources: 54% organic, 20% direct, 25% social, 2% Campaign
  • Facebook Page Likes:- 67k+ on Filipino Tech Authority and other partner profiles total approx 2,700+ followers, where we can promote your business.
  • Others Social Profiles:- 550,000+ followers approximate.

    Advertisements Banners And Prizing:

    S.No Check Position Available/Total Banner Prize/Monthly
    1. Below Header 1/1 $30
    2. Sidebar 3/3 $20
    3. Sidebar Skyscraper 1/1 $14
    4. Above Footer 1/1 $12
    5. Post Bottom 2/2 $12
    6. Above Content 1/1 $10
    7. Other Choose Manually Choose Manually

    Note: All the prices are on a monthly basis depending upon the banner sizes and may vary on your demand and offer.

    Sponsors Reviews:

    Promotion of any Product/Business, Website/Service, and any events. We welcome to take our benefits. We will do a review with no follow or do follow backlink type, depending upon your budget. We also share review posted on our social networks which will give huge exposure to your business.
    Conditions: – Sponsors’ product should relate to tech, the Internet, Software, Apps or related to our blog niche. The prize should be decided on negotiation.

    If you require any more information or have any questions regarding Filipino Tech Authority, please feel free to contact us by dropping your email at [email protected]