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Best Professional Camera App for Your Android


There is many great camera apps available for your android device. Although, some of the best android apps happen to be not free. We here at Filipino Tech Authority have compiled the Best Professional Camera App On Any Android you can install any of these apps on your android. Be sure to follow the instructions down below to install the apps on your android device.Check out my hands on video below as well as their demo video and download links. As always, let me know what you think.

1.Snap Camera

Snap Camera works very smoothly, but I wasn’t able to test it on older devices. dzo mentions that some features are only available on phones that support them such as taking a picture at the same time as recording video and some of the color and contrast settings. It’s priced at $1.99, but he does offer a free version to see how it works for you. The only limitation in this free version is that it only works when the phone is in airplane mode. So if you’re looking for the stock Android camera experience, then give Snap Camera HDR a try.

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Download Snap Camera Here


2.Foteej Camera

Footej Camera is a new camera app that seems to have hit the Play Store recently that doesn’t necessarily overload you with camera options, but it does contain a handful of features that make it more robust than many stock camera apps out there, yet still keeps things clean with an attractive interface.

Download Foteej Camera Here

3.FrameLaps Pro

Framelapse at its default settings may be pretty solid for most recording situations, but it also offers up the ability to customize most aspects of the recording process. You can see straight off that it is recording at a frame interval of 1 second and set for a speed of 30x. In short, every second of video produced is a result of 30 seconds of real life recording.

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Obviously, the default setting is great if you need to capture a couple hours of real life. You’ll want to capture intervals of less than 1 second if your real life capture is to be a shorter amount of time. And longer intervals for longer times.

Download FrameLaps Pro Here