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Beware! Your Trusted Friends Can Hack Your Facebook Account


Beware! Your Trusted Friends Can Hack Your Facebook Account

If you receive any type of message from any of your Facebook friends that asking you for the urgent help to recover their account in the social network Facebook because you were added as one of their “Contacts of trust”, but, you should not carelessly believe in it.

As recently investigators have detected a new severe Facebook phishing scam that can easily fool any user even if whose knowledge of computer security is much advanced, helping the attacker to get unauthorized access to your Facebook account.

As we already hinted that this latest Facebook scam simply takes the advantage of “Trusted Contact,” it is a Facebook account recovery feature that simply sends secret access codes to some close friends that help you regain access to your Facebook account in case you forget your password or you lose access to your Facebook account.

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But, according to a security alert published by AccessNow, the attack is inaugurated through an already compromised account of one of your friends, asking for urgent help to regain access to his or her respective Facebook account.

As the hacker claims that you are listed as one of its trusted contacts on Facebook and simply asks you to check your email for a recovery code and share that with them. Obviously, the hacker pretends to be one of your friends as we told already.

But, here comes the tricky part, as the code you receive is not the key to unlocking your supposed friend’s account, but the hacker initiates the password forgetting request for your account in an attempt to kidnap it.

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So, now, knowing that a friend is in trouble, one could share the code without thinking twice. However, AccessNow warns that the new attack is aimed at hacking the accounts of those users who are not aware of the Trusted Contact feature. For a better understanding of this feature, you can access the following Facebook post.

Although this latest scam can be carried out through a compromised account of one of your contacts as we told earlier, so, any of your friends in the social network can intentionally mislead you to get access to your account. However, the best way to protect yourself is to be aware of every recovery email you receive and read it well and once again be aware of every email even if it is sent by one of your real friends.

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