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Google Just Launched An Awesome New Feature For Android


Google Just Launched An Awesome New Feature For Android

Have you ever paid for something on your smartphone or tablet? If yes, then you might know just how frustrating checkout can be. We need to go through the bunch of forms and we end up encountering an error or session timed out.

To sort out this problem, the search giant Google has just announced an awesome feature which will speed up the digital payment process. The new feature goes by the name “Pay with Google” will let users directly pay using their saved credit/debit card.

Android and Chrome users can choose to pay using their saved debit and credit cards on their Google account which have been already added to Google Play, Chrome, YouTube or Android Pay. Users just need to select their saved cards and need to enter the security code to send payments.

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Google will automatically fetch and send the payment and address details to the merchant from users’ account while skipping the additional information from the users.

According to Google, this new feature will help users to save some precious time by skipping on filling multiple forms required in the payment process. However, this new feature can be used at selected places in the US. There are few companies like Instacard, Spot Hero, Doordash and more supports Pay with Google Feature.

One thing more to note here is that Google had also mentioned that they will not charge any transaction fee for using the service. It is not known whether the Pay with Google feature will be rolled out in India.