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Google Removed 700,000 Android Apps & 100,000 Developers From Play Store


Google Removed 700,000 Android Apps & 100,000 Developers From Play Store

The search giant Google on Tuesday announced that Google Play in 2017 took some action against “Bad Apps” by removing apps and developers accounts from the platform.

Google on its Android developers blog states that they have used machine learning to identify bad apps with identifiers like impersonation, inappropriate content, and malware to remove over 700,000 apps and 100,000 developers in 2017.

Well, that number is up by 70% from 2016. Google on Android developer blog claims that ‘copycats’ are the most common reasons for app removal from Google Play. Not only these, the search giant also claims that they have removed as much as 250,000 apps that were caught impersonating big titles.

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Google also removed much of apps containing inappropriate content. Well, according to Google, inappropriate content includes extreme violence, illegal activities, pornography, and hate. Google’s advanced machine learning models are great to spot those apps that contain inappropriate content.

Well, if you remember the search giant launched Google Play Protect at I/0 2017. Google Play Protect is a malware scanning feature that scans for potentially harmful applications (PHAs). After the launch of Google Play Protect, PHA installs have apparently gone down by 50%.

Andrew Ahn, Product Manager at Google Play said “Despite the new and enhanced detection capabilities that led to a record-high takedowns of bad apps and malicious developers, we know a few still manage to evade and trick our layers of defence. We take these extremely seriously, and will continue to innovate our capabilities to better detect and protect against abusive apps and the malicious actors behind them. We are committed to make Google Play the most trusted and safe app store in the world”

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