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List of Globe GOSAKTO Codes ‘Globe Bug’ to create your own promo with cheap price.


Globe GoSAKTO promo offers call, text and surf combo. With Globe GoSAKTO, subscribers can explore many ways to create call, text, surf, and app combo. GoSAKTO promo can be created and registered thru *143# (Globe USSD Code menu) or GoSAKTO Android App which usually gives you only limited options. With this tutorial, you can create your own GoSAKTO promo the way you want.


You can also extend the validity of your created GoSAKTO promo by combining it to GOSURF. This process is known as Globe Promo Trick or Globe Promo Bug.


If you’re immediately looking for list of Globe GoSAKTO promo bug, check 30-Day or 7-Day Cheap Globe Combo Promo Tricks : GoSakto Text, Call and Surf.

Globe GOSAKTO Promo Combination Guide


Globe Prepaid Sim
No load – for testing purpose, to check if the promo is existing and still available


GOCOMBO – text, call and surf
GOCTCOMBO – call and text
COCSCOMBO – call and surf
GOTSCOMBO – text and surf

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Globe – includes Globe, TM, Cherry Mobile Prepaid and ABS-CBN Mobile
AllNet – includes Globe, TM, Cherry Mobile Prepaid and ABS-CBN Mobile, Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular

1st Letter – is for CALL
A – 10 mins – Globe
B – 10 mins – AllNet
C – 20 mins – Globe
D – 20 mins – AllNet
E – 100 mins – Globe
F – 100 mins
G – 500 mins – Globe
H – 500 mins – AllNet
I – unlimited – Globe
K – 100 mins – AllNet


2nd Letter – is for TEXT
A – 50 – Globe
B – 50 – AllNet
C – 100 – Globe
D – 100 – AllNet
E – 250 – Globe
F – 250 – AllNet
G – 1000 – Globe
H – 1000 – AllNet
I – unlimited – Globe
J – unlimited – AllNet
K – 20 – AllNet


3rd Letter – is for SURF
A – 10MB
B – 20MB
C – 50MB
D – 300MB
E – 1GB
F – unlimited (800mb per day still applies due to Globe FUP)
G – 30MB
K – 40MB
H – 100MB
M – 200MB
L – 150MB
I – 700MB
J – 350MB
The following are currently unavailable
N – 1.5GB
O – 3GB
P – 6GB
X – 8GB
Y – 2GB

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4th Letter – is for the EXPIRY
A – 1 Day
B – 2 Days
C – 3 Days
D – 7 Days
E – 15 Days
F – 30 Days


1. Choose your desired GOSAKTO prefix listed above.
2. For the 1st Letter, choose the letter of your desired minutes of call.
3. For the 2nd Letter, choose the letter of your desired numbers of text.
4. For the 3rd Letter, choose the letter of your desired size of mobile data.
5. After you’re done making your own keyword, put 1 after it.
6. Finally send it to 8080, if you can’t send it, try sending it to 8888. And it will text the right keyword together with the amount of load needed.


GOCOMBO (text, call and surf) C (20mins calls to Globe) I (unli texts to Globe) E (1GB Data) A (1 Day Validity)
You must get a reply something like this:
We’ve made GoSakto even better dahil mas pinasulit pa ang mga prepaid offers. Please note that the new keyword for 10 mins. calls to Globe/TM/ABS-CBN/Cherry + unli texts to Globe/TM/ABS-CBN/Cherry + 1000MB data is GOCOMBOCIEA36. This promo is available for only P36.00. To confirm your registration, please reply with GOSAKTO YES within 5 minutes. Want to explore other exciting offers? Dial *143# > GoSAKTO.

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As you can see Globe suggested the right keyword which is GOCOMBOCIEA36 which costs 36 Pesos.


You can test all possible promo combinations, you might discover a cheaper price of promo.

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