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Top 10 Best Android Mods No Root


Android is one of the best operating systems available for your phone. One of the best features of android happens to be customization. An android mod is an app or tweak that happens to enhance your android in some way. We here at Filipino Tech Authority have compiled the Top 10 Best Android Mods No Root you can install any of these apps on your android since no root is needed. Be sure to follow the instructions down below to install the apps on your android device.


1. Fingerprint Gestures

The Fingerprint Gestures app will finally make your fingerprint scanner useful. You can choose to single tap or double tap on your fingerprint scanner and then you can choose which action will happen. This app requires you to have a fingerprint scanner so if you don’t have one the app will not work for you

Download Fingerprint Gestures here

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2. Pixbars

Pixbars will give you a thin line right under the status bar and that will show your battery percentage, processor, memory and much more.

Download Pixbars here


3. CornerFly

CornerFly is an app that allows you to have round corners similar to what you would find on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6. The app is very simple and you can change the thickness of the rounded corners, and much more.

Download CornerFly here


4. Muviz

Muviz, short for Music Visualizer, will allow you to show music bars on your navigation bar while music or audio is being played. There is hundreds of themes that you can choose from and once you choose one you can change it to the exact way you would like.

Download Muviz here


5. Volume Slider

Volume Slider gives you the gesture of controlling your music volume. All you have to do is choose a gesture and then you can easily adjust the volume.

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Download Volume Slider here


6. Fulscrn

Fulscrn is an app that will give you immersive mode on your android. Simply swipe down and show the notification panel and then you can tap on the square and it will enable immersive mode. Immersive mode gives you more screen real estate and will have the navigation bar and the status bar.

Download Fulscrn here


7. NavBar Apps

NavBar Apps is the best app for devices that have a navigation bar. With the NavBar app you will be able to customize your navigation bar to your liking. That includes changing the colour of the navigation bar, or making it the same colour as the app you’re in. You can also put emojis on your navigation bar, and show music bars. This app is definitely worth a try.

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Download NavBar Apps here


8. Launchify

Launchify is a simple app that will show apps in your notification panel. You can easily choose which apps you want to be there or it will automatically track which apps you use the most and categorize those apps accordingly.

Download Launchify here


9. All In One Gestures

All In One Gestures is a great app if you want to have a bunch of great gestures on your android. Once you get used to this app you’ll realize how awesome it actually is. You can make gestures for your hard keys, swipe, and status bar.

Download All In One Gestures here


10. Snap Swipe Drawer

This app will allow you to have your homescreen widgets in your drop down notification panel. In my opinion, this app brings functionality to widgets and will make you use your widgets much more.

Download Snap Swipe Drawer here