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Top 5 Illegal Hacking Apps For Android 2017 No Root



There is many great android apps available for your android device. Although, some of the best android apps happen to be illegal. We here at Filipino Tech Authority have compiled the Top 5 Illegal Hacking Apps No Root Needed On Any Android you can install any of these apps on your android since no root is needed. Be sure to follow the instructions down below to install the apps on your android device.

1. AndroDumpper

AndroDumpper is an app that allows you to hack wifi password on any android. This app will work as long as you try the right wifi router, and you’re close to that wifi network.

Download AndroDummper here


2. Fly GPS

Fly GPS is an app that allows you to fake your location and change it to anywhere around the world. This app was at its peak of its popularity when Pokemon Go was around. This was app was popular because it allowed Pokemon Go users to change their location and collect Pokemon worldwide.

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Download Fly GPS here



Orbot is a simple app that will protect your iP address, and identity on your android device. This is made possible by enabling the app and then it will keep alternating between multiple iP addresses.

Download Orbot here



LuckyPatcher is an app that lets you hack any android app or game. It gives you the option of getting free in app purchases, removing licenses,  ad removal, and much more!

Download  here


TempMail is a simple app that will allow you to make a temporary email address. This is perfect for when you want to download something from the internet and you do not want to use your main email. You can even check the emails that are sent to this email but you can not send any outgoing emails.


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Download TempMail here