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Top 5 websites 2017 to learn photoshop for free


There are few resources available on the web that can help you to learn photoshop for free. Here are 5 best online websites for learning Photoshop on the web:

#1 Lynda

Lynda is an online education company which offers thousands of video courses in software, creative and business skills. Searching for Photoshop results in over 450 unique tutorials which you can learn at your own pace. So, Lynda could be the best option for learning photoshop for free.

#2 Tuts Plus

If you are looking for in-depth tutorials on Photoshop then TutsPlus is simply incredible. This website has a Photoshop subsection which contains more than 2,500 free photoshop tutorials.

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#3 Photoshop tutorials from Adobe

Nobody knows photoshop better than Adobe. The tutorials from the creators could be the excellent way to discover new things in photoshop. Users can learn the basics or can refine their skills with the tutorials designed to inspire. Users can short out the tutorials based on Beginners and Experienced.

#4 Photoshop Cafe

If you are looking for a simple way to learn photoshop then Photoshop Cafe will be the best choice for you. This website keeps the tutorial short and direct. So, if you are beginner then you will find Photoshop cafe’s tutorials easy to implement.

#5 Spoon Graphics

This is the website which prefers quality over quantity. This website is not frequently updated, but each tutorial being both unique and full-featured. This site also offers free brushes, textures, photo effects and much more. So, Spoond graphics could be the best one if you want to learn photoshop.

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These are the five best resources available on the web that can help you to learn photoshop for free. Hope you like the article, share it with your friends too!