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WPA3 Is Coming To WiFi Routers With Better Security Protections


WPA3 Is Coming To WiFi Routers With Better Security Protections

The year 2017 was marked by the discovery of a serious flaw that allows you to listen to communications on all modern Wi-Fi networks using the “powerful” WPA2 security protocol.

The security flaw is known as KRACK, this failure affected all the equipment that uses the stack of Wireless protocols and security for Internet access. Recently the WiFi Alliance announced that the WPA3 will arrive later this year! Let’s get to know the news!

However, just a few days ago, we have talked about WPA2 encryption protocol. Researchers have discovered a 13-year-old vulnerability in WPA2 protocol that can allow hackers within a range of the network to extract the Wifi password and intercept Internet traffic.

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Researchers have claimed that the vulnerability can be seen in action in the form of a proof-of-concept known as KRACK which is Key Reinstallation Attacks.

Well, let me tell you the KRACK attack works on all modern protected WiFi networks against WPA1 and WPA2. So, it also makes Android, Linux, Apple, Windows, OpenBSD, MediaTek, Linksys and more vulnerable.

However, it looks like almost every supported device and operating systems are at risk of KRACK attack. Android and Linux could have far worse consequences compared to other OS because the wpa_supplicant is the WiFi client commonly used on Linux and Android version 6.0+.

WPA2 makes use of authentication and encryption mechanisms, guaranteeing the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the data in a wireless network. However, in 2017 a flaw was discovered that allowed an attacker to “listen and sniff” the communications and thus obtain confidential data.

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With no successor in sight at the time the vulnerability was discovered, the WiFi Alliance has now announced that it is already working on WPA3 and this new security protocol will bring several protection mechanisms.

What’s New in WPA3?

  • Information on public networks will always be encrypted
  • Protection from brute force attacks at the authentication level
  • Support for using a smartphone or tablet to set up security on IoT devices
  • 192-bit security suite to protect networks with higher security requirements (government, industrial, etc.)

Once Wi-Fi Alliance has been defined by WPA3, it will be up to the companies’ turn to adopt the new protocol in new products as well as support older equipment.

For now, it is crucial that you keep your equipment updated with the latest firmware in order to ensure the safety of your device.

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